Katana Light


Katana Light is an artist who uses sound wave alchemy to elevate the soul.


Born Terrill Currington, exactly 40 years after his great ancestor received a partial victory against U.S. apartheid via the colonial Supreme Court, this artist has been endowed with an ancestral mission to finalize the victory. The geometric function of the art is to raise vibrational frequencies. Darkness is the womb which synthesizes light, as observed in the universe, melanin, and the mid-brain which houses the nigra substantia. Dark earth produces precious gemstones, metals, food etc. Since GAGUT (God-Order) contains the mathematical solutions to all problems, knowledge of theorems (provable truth) must replace all theories and belief systems. Katana Light stimulates absorption of Gij,j=0 solutions to materialize heaven.

Mozede Vol.1 (preview)

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This album contains 5 instrumental tracks by Katana Light and can be used to prime energy chakras, etc.


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