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Anita Royston is a freedom fighter, educator, publisher and master organizer. Her work advances the interests of Black people and elevates voices of the African world.


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The Viewpoint Podcast Episode Information

Episode 1: Akinsanya Kambon

The Viewpoint Podcast – Episode 1 features renowned artist and former Black Panther Party member Akinsanya Kambon, interviewed by Anita Royston.

Episode 2: Harvey Colored School of Callahan Hill

The Viewpoint Podcast – Episode 2 is rich! Anita Royston interviews Annie L. Wilson Mosby about Harvey Colored School and the land in Callahan Hill that was purchased after enslavement in the early 1880s.

Episode 3: Dr. Gerald Davis and Dr. Jerome McGee

On The Viewpoint Podcast – Episode 3 Anita Royston is joined by two influential men, Dr. Gerald Davis and Dr. Jerome McGee. The discussion covers the importance of African centered history, education, and the role of the Black Church. Dr. Davis is a retired history teacher, serves through the NAACP, and authored a book that you can order from 5 Sisters Publishing. Dr. McGee is a eloquent speaker and leads the Jubilee Training Center in Sacramento, CA.

Episode 4: Penny E. Blue on Her Book “A Time To Protest”

The Viewpoint Podcast – Episode 4 Anita Royston interviews author Penny Blue on her book, inspired by her father’s dignified journey navigating Jim Crow, “A Time To Protest”.

Episode 5: Whistleblower Yulanda Williams (Part 1)

The Viewpoint Podcast – Episode 5 Anita Royston interviews police whistleblower Yulanda Williams shares her encounter with the racist culture of policing in San Francisco, and her work as an advocate for reform.

Episode 6: Akinsanya Kambon Speaks on Genocide of the Palestinian People

The Viewpoint Podcast – Episode 6 Anita Royston interviews former Black Panther, Akinsanya Kambon about the horrors of the U.S. empire. European settler-colonialism is exposed as the root of the U.S. war machine which has slaughtered millions, profits from mass death, and is supplying the bombs that are fueling the current genocide of the indigenous people in occupied Palestine. #FreePalestine

Episode 7: Akinsanya Kambon Talks Palestine – Papal Bull of 1452 and more…

The Viewpoint Podcast – Episode 7 Akinsanya Kambon is back! Anita Royston continues the conversation which unpacks the colonial deployment of religion, the Papal Bull of 1452, and the historic context of Palestine. Akinsanya crafts stunning visual histories thru his riveting art pieces. Click here for more